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Custom Upholstery In Frankfort, IL For Over 30 Years

Don't Throw It Out! Reupholster It At Kens!

Ken's Custom Upholstery is proud to serve Frankfort, Illinois and its surrounding areas with high quality upholstery services. With over 30 years in the upholstery industry, Ken's is proud to provide all our clients the best in quality and customer service. Ken's Custom Upholstery offers a variety of custom upholstery services ranging from commercial to residential. We can do it all from restaurant seating and hotel lobby furniture to giving the furniture in your home an update. Ken's is a complete furniture upholstery showroom and warehouse located in Frankfort, IL.
We can provide our client a new look for their upholstering/reupholstering needs. That is why we say you shouldn't throw out your furniture you should bring it to us! Ken's Custom Upholstery can update your furniture to fit your style and needs. Ken's is here to make your furniture look brand new! Email Ken's Custom Upholstery today and send us a picture of the piece you want customized to get a free estimate. [email protected] Or Call us today to schedule a consultation at 708-444-4401.